About us

Barchemicals Group is a wholly Italian reality today consists of 5 companies that share projects, visions and values. It operates in the Sector of primary, drinking and swimming pool water treatment, both in Italy and abroad, ranging from 360 ° to each management problems, particularly with regard to the sector disinfection and water treatment, disinfection and environmental sanitation, control and automation.

This is the principal group company. It has been in business since 1984 in the water treatment and swimming-pool sector, producing chemical products for conditioning and treating all types of water. Thirty years of experience is represented in four product lines: Swimming pool, Detergents, Line RT (Industry Process Water), and the innovative line of “Salts of he Life®”

The company’s broad product range covers all water-related requirements and problems. Thanks to an innovative and efficient production system, Barchemicals designs and manufactures top-quality and reliable chemical specialities within its own facility for the treatment and safety of the water we use.

The products – strictly made in Italy – comply with stringent quality standards and are developed by means of a very precise research process contemplating a number of safety tests. The innovative production line and large storage areas translate into fast deliveries.

Corporate governance

Barchemicals Group can boast a high degree of decision-making agility and operating efficiency thanks to a management strategy whereby the company managers often form part of the corporate system. This guarantees stability, efficiency, reactivity and reliability of the Group.

Our values

Orientation towards the customer
  • Our products and services must satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • We are willing to listen to our customers’ suggestions in order to improve our offer and satisfy their requirements;
  • we aim at creating a long-lasting relationship based on trust, reliability and cooperation.
  • We support our clientele with an efficient, fast and professional technical service.
Excellence in product and service quality
  • We always work to the highest quality standards.
  • We continually improve our offer and the reliability of our products thanks to our ISO 9001 Quality System.
  • We offer our customers technical solutions and patents of high added value.
Focus on innovation and development
  • Our research department allows us to always be in the vanguard and ahead of the times in our offer of products and technologies.
  • We back up the ideas of our staff
  • The know-how gained in by now thirty years’ experience in the sector lies at the heart of our propensity to Research and Development.
We believe in teamwork
  • Our success is the result of cooperation between our staff, our customers and our suppliers.
  • We are aware that our strength lies in the employees of the Group companies.
  • We promote the personal and professional growth of those that work with us.
We promote made in italy around the world
  • We believe in the style, inspiration and revolutionary ideas of the Italian spirit and promote it around the world.
We believe in internationalisation
  • We believe in the global market without prejudices against innovations and technologies of other countries.

Headquarters and office

  • Via S. Allende, 14-41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) - Italy
  • Via S. Allende, 9 / B - 41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) - Italy
  • Via Della Tecnica, 8-41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) - Italy
  • Meitner Zampieri, 4 / E - 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR) - Italy
  • Vía Cesari, 19-20162 - Milan - Italy
BARCHEMICALS GROUP believes in cooperation between people and populations, it believes in young people and is well aware of the concept of shared resources. For this reason, BARCHEMICALS GROUP engages in welfare allocating part of its earnings to measures and services in Italy and the world, in particular related to water, environment and health problems.

BARCHEMICALS GROUP operates with the understanding that the ethical commitment is an integral part of its corporate culture and value chain.

The mission and strategic vision of the Group - linked to the purity of water, source of life - are inextricably linked to the preservation and improvement of the living conditions of man, nature and the environment.

President Dr. Barani Corrado
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