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Barchemicals Biopharma

Barchemicals Biopharma was set up to meet the need to ensure the health of people by providing specific services in diagnostic, preventive, treatment and disinfection of water . Leveraging more than a decade of chemical-pharmaceutical skills, it is engaged in R&D of products, systems and methods to ensure balance and bio-safety of drinking, sanitary and recreational waters. It also promotes the training of internal staff and its customers.

Customer Target for Barchemicals Biopharma’s skills: health care facilities, hotels, swimming pools, wellness centers, spas and spa, public facilities, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial farms and farms. Waters Target: recreational water, sanitary, drinking water, industrial, agricultural, surface, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, spa, animal husbandry.


Engineering Corporation is a leading manufacturer of water treatment plants and control and dosing systems. The strength of its Made in Italy technology lies in the high level of reliability, safety and innovation in its products. Applying these three values to its operations, Engineering Corporation fully satisfies the needs of a vast public and offers a wide range of solutions and products: monitoring systems, dosing systems, automation systems, filters, water softeners, dosing pumps, swimming pool cleaners, drinking water treatment plants and anti-legionella systems.

In addition, Engineering Corporation, with the support of its qualified partners, designs and constructs any size of plant for any type of use. Finally, it designs and develops software for monitoring systems and plant management.
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