This is the principal group company. It has been in business since 1984 in the water treatment and swimming-pool sector, producing chemical products for conditioning and treating all types of water. Thirty years of experience is represented in four product lines: Swimming pool, Detergents, Line RT (Industry Process Water), and the innovative line of “Salts of he Life®”.

The company’s broad product range covers all water-related requirements and problems. Thanks to an innovative and efficient production system, Barchemicals designs and manufactures top-quality and reliable chemical specialities within its own facility for the treatment and safety of the water we use.

The products – strictly made in Italy – comply with stringent quality standards and are developed by means of a very precise research process contemplating a number of safety tests. The innovative production line and large storage areas translate into fast deliveries.

Alpha Aqua brand

Alpha Aqua brand under which promotes and commercializes technologies and systems for the construction, operation and maintenance of swimming pools, water parks, spas and spa, with specific focus on treatment, disinfection and filtration of pool water.

Progetto Acqua

This is the analysis laboratory of Barchemicals Group and is at the service of its customers. It carries out:
  • Research and analysis on chemical products for water treatment and disinfection.
  • Certified chemical-physical and bacteriological tests on drinking water, swimming-pool water, wastewaters, water for recreational use.
  • Raw material and internal production quality control.

Swim Company

Swim Company provides a broad range of accessories for swimming, aqua fitness, rehabilitation hydrotherapy and all water-related activities and sports. Special focus is placed on product quality and safety and the company is particularly innovation-oriented.
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