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Security and experience

More than thirty years of experience has been condensed into 4 product lines: Pool, Detergent, Line Ti and the Revolutionary Line of "I Sali della Vita®" line.

Thanks to its innovative and efficient production system, it internally designs and produces high quality and reliable chemical specialties.

The wide range of Barchemicals products covers all water-related requirements and all problems. Thanks to an innovative and efficient production system, Barchemicals designs and manufactures superior and reliable chemical compositions within our own water treatment and safety management system.
  • Green program

    A complete business support service program - counseling, analysis, training and updating.
  • Analysis

    Services of chemical-physical and bacteriological analysis of pools and spas.
  • Risk evaluation

    Development of a sanitary hygiene control program in accordance with applicable regulations (pools, guidelines for legionella, etc.)

BarchemicalsQuality System

With an innovative and efficient production system, Barchemicals designs and manufactures high quality interior and reliable chemical specialties for the treatment and safety of water we use.

The products - strictly manufactured in Italy - meet stringent quality criteria and are developed through strict testing and safety. An innovative production line and a large storage space guarantee the delivery of goods in a short time.

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Quality, service, accuracy, design, efficiency, innovation, true quality and price ratio; all with a special emphasis on the safety of those who manage and use swimming pools.

The Barchemicals Group has the ambition to meet these needs and to anticipate new ones, to develop - emphasizing and emphasizing all the strengths the Group has received - a new culture of security and "goodness".

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