BioVitrum Sfere

Technical characteristics and quality

Filtering material for water filters, consisting of potassium-sodium silicate glass microspheres. BioVitrum Sfere helps
to achieve optimum backwashing efficiency - which also reduces water and electricity consumption by over 50% -
thanks to the special shape of the pearls and the chemical and physical properties of the surface ensuring uniform
distribution of partial electrical loads.

The chemical composition of BioVitrum Sfere means it can be used to filter any kind of water: pool, drinking, process
and sewage water. It also prevents the formation of surface limescale and silicate deposits, thereby avoiding the
resulting «compacting» of the filtering material which results in preferential channels for leaks and causes the filtering
material to perform less efficiently. The extreme roundness of BioVitrum Sfere reduces the space for the passage of
water between the glass balls that are only a few microns in size, making filtering effective and very fast (50 m3/m2/h).
In multi-layer filters with uniform charge, filtration speed can reach 50 m3/m2/h in accordance with Italian standard
UNI 10637:2015.

BioVitrum Sfere Ag+ also available. In this variant the balls are coated with cationic and metallic silver, thereby reducing
the formation of biofilm by up to 99%.


  • BioVitrum Sfere SMALL: 0.60 - 0.80 mm
  • BioVitrum Sfere BIG: 1.2 - 2.5 mm
  • BioVitrum Sfere Ag+ : 0.60 - 0.80 mm*


  • 100% sodium and potassium silicate glass
  • App. specific weight 1.45 - 1.5g/cm3
  • Roundness > 80 %

Chemical composition

  • SiO2  71,20%
  • Fe2O3  0,07%
  • CaO  7,51%
  • K2O  1,27%
  • AO  2,40%
  • MgO  1,28%
  • Na2O  15,42%
  • *Ag+ <  1000ppb


  • Filtering swimming pool water (BioVitrum Sfere complies with both UNI 10637 and DIN 19643 standards)
  • Filtering drinking water (BioVitrum Sfere does not emit heavy metals into the filtered water)
  • Filtering seawater and water used in natural swimming pools and decorative/fish breeding ponds
  • Filtration of sewage water (the product is used in accordance with the particle sizes for coarse filtration and refining of sewage water before final drainage)
  • Filtering process water (depending on the situation, BioVitrum Sfere can be used as it is or in combination with other filtering methods: quartz, anthracite, active carbon, etc.)
  • Filtering water for agricultural use (BioVitrum Sfere’s minimal tendency to compacting allows the surface water used in agriculture to be pre-treated prior to its introduction into irrigation lines, thus preventing the nozzles from blocking)
  • Filtering of water for animal consumption

Safety notes

  • Danger of slipping on the spilt product!
  • Pick up and remove the product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


20 kg sacks; on euro pallets (800 X 1200 X 144 mm); large sized packaging available on request. Available in a big bag on request.
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