Green Program

NatureFor the Bio-sustainable management of your swimming pool

I Sali della Vita are environment friendly. Magnesium and Potassium are essential elements for the animal kingdom, but also for the world of plants, where they represent a decisive growth factor. For this reason, by complying with the salt concentrations indicated by law, the pool water used for filter washing can be recycled to irrigate lawns: once the salt concentration has been returned to biological limits, this water no longer burns the grass but rather helps it grow. Furthermore, the use of I Sali della Vita, unlike what occurs with common salt, has no corrosive effects on metal structures near the pool and does not turn surrounding lawns yellow.

I Sali della Vita are Bio-compatible and Biologically tested.

Tests conducted in Barchemicals and University laboratories, have shown that solutions with up to 5000 ppm of I Sali della Vita are perfectly compatible in prolonged tests both with animal life (Carassius Auratus) and with plant life. Thanks to “I Sali della Vita” you can therefore have a perfectly disinfected swimming pool, healthy and at the same time gentle with surrounding nature. The strong synergic, bacteriocide and bacteriostatic action of I Sali della Vita permits significantly reducing the quantity of aggressive chemical substances to be added to the water of your swimming pool to be sure it is properly disinfected, and therefore not harmful for your health.

And if environment-friendly instruments are added to this disinfection system, the environmental impact of swimming-pool management is drastically reduced.

The Wellness Minerals

I Sali della Vita permit reconstructing the specific properties of waters containing sodium chloride, iodide and magnesium, including in SPA facilities and swimming pools where there is no possibility of using waters of this type because of the distance from thermal springs.

I Sali della Vita can be used in all types of aquatic and swimming facilities compatibly with the construction characteristics of the pools themselves.

For this reason, five different lines of “I Sali della Vita” have been developed to enable correct application, whatever the plant engineering and structural restraints.

Barchemicals specialists and retailers are at complete disposal to suggest the products most suitable for your needs.
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